Rules and Etiquette

Was that legal?    

If in doubt, check it out.

Here are the Simplified Pickleball Rules  –
so simple that even I can understand them.

Stay out of the kitchen!

For safety and courtesy’s sake:

NEVER go on other courts to retrieve a ball while the game is still in play.

Avoid walking behind other courts while the ball is still in play.

For more on this, check this blog.


Calling line faults

Article from Pickleball Canadas March newsletter

Dink Shots and Volley Llamas

Do you know what a dink shot is

or what a Falafel or Volley Llama are?

If not, check out this Pickleball Terminology glossary and do try to avoid “champion shots” if at all possible.


Pickleball history and court etiquette

Lots of interesting info.

This site does, however, repeat the myth that the game was named after a dog.

Great site nevertheless.